You get a goal! You get a goal! Everybody gets a goal!

Last night the Detroit Red Wings were giving up goals like Oprah gives out cars.


EVERYBODY GETS A GOAL! (Well, except for Scott Gomez).

I gather that’s what it feels like to be the team that is prepared for the game ahead. It’s almost as though the Red Wings forgot that while the Habs don’t have a great record, they are still a group of professional hockey players playing in the toughest league in the world.

I am not taking away from the Habs effort, but the Red Wings were truly awful. Desharnais’s first goal? He literally walked up to the goalie and gently placed it into the net –  I don’t even think he took a shot.

For today’s post, I would like to recount my favourite moments through a series of screenshots.


Bum Goal!

How did Gomez even get this pass through? There are literally TWO Wings players in the passing lane. Sometimes things just go your way I guess. I love this goal because it basically went off Bourque’s bum. Bum goals are funny.

Biggest rebound in the history of the world

 Oh my god, that is the biggest rebound the Habs received all season. Plekanec probably cried a little. I also really appreciate that Howard has NO idea where the puck went. It rebounded SO FAR that he couldn’t even see it!

Lonely Corner 1

Pacioretty is the only person on the entire ice surface who realizes where the puck went. The only person. He had about 45 minutes alone with it before he put it in the net.

Lonely Corner 2

Same corner, different lone gunman. Maybe the Wings made a bet that they would still win the game even if they never touched their left side corner?

Lucky 7

I love this image only because of the time. They are winning DOMINANTLY 6-2, but the Habs are still trying to put the puck in the net with less that 1:30 left. Remember when they would sit on 1-0 leads?

All giggles and rainbow ponies aside, it was one game against a team that decided  it would be an easy win before the puck dropped. I am happy for wins, they are fun, and they make watching hockey enjoyable. But please let us remember that it is one game, the season is more than half way over and they are closer to 15th than 8th. While I love playoffs in the spring, I say again, I don’t want Gauthier trading YOUNG assets to push for 8th. If the Habs get in with the roster they have, that’s great! But please, Pierre, do not, whatever you do, trade draft picks, prospects, or young talent for an ageing loaner, soon-to-be-UFA.

Enjoy the break folks. Unless something mind-blowing happens, I probably won’t have an All-Star game blog. Well…maybe I’ll watch the skills competition – when I can understand what’s going on, they can be fun.

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