Halaked: The Obvious Result of Last Night

Despite my tweet last night stating that I would not be turning on the internet today, I am in fact on the internet. I’m just desperately trying to avoid the inevitable Halak talk.

Sometimes I believe life is scripted. Of course Halak gets a shutout…of course!

Unfortunately I was at the game. Fortunately I was in Club Desjardin and gorged myself on food. A rundown of my menu? A smoked meat sandwich, 2 hot dogs, a pizza, fries, a couple bites of nachos (started slowing down at this point), and half a pretzel.

Yes – I did feel sick. No – I won’t be doing that again. Call it Newbie Fever, but when I got up to the counter to order, I just didn’t stop. I also blame my game guest. He was the catalyst for consumption.

Why am I talking about food? Because I can’t bare to discuss what happened last night. Hallllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk.

A f*%king SHUTOUT?!

There were TWO moments last night when I felt enthusiasm for something other than free food:

  1. P.K. hip check – that got the crowd going
  2. ummm I actually can’t think of a second moment.
Nothing was connecting last night. Not a pass, not a shot, not anything.
Okay…enough of my pointlessly blabbing about nothing. Instead let us look to the future. I’m back on the draft-pick bandwagon, and have taken an unhealthy interest in this year’s top prospects.
Figure we pick between 5th and 8th, here are a few names I wouldn’t mind seen on the back of a Habs jersey (notice all the big centres):
Those 5 names are in no particular order and I got them from basically typing in “best 2012 nhl draft prospects”, and then I looked for any top names that weren’t defensemen or under 6’0″.  (which sadly, is the methodology I feel Habs scouts should start using).
In the next few posts, I’ll do a bit more research and start focusing blog posts on these guys. Just in case…


2 comments for “Halaked: The Obvious Result of Last Night

  1. January 13, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    Hey Ian,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I don’t 100% agree with you though.

    Firstly, Boston’s goaltenders. It isn’t a coincidence that Boston has TWO goaltenders with other wordly numbers. Boston as a team is tough to score on. Put Rask or Thomas behind Montreal, and their numbers aren’t as great.

    And they do have superstars… Tyler Sequin (2nd overall), Nathan Horton 3rd overall), and Zdeno Chara. Those are 3 very high caliber players that other team’s are envious of. Maybe not of the same cloth of Ovechkin circa 2009, but stars none-the-less.

    But onto Price. The only way Montreal doesn’t get a high draft pick this year is because of Price. Yes, he let’s in a softie or two, but he generally bails the team out. Games that are lost by 1 goal would likely be lost by 3 or 4.

    And last night’s goal vs Boston was a VERY bad bounce. He wasn’t out of position. He went to go play the puck, and then the puck bounced badly off the boards to the front of the net. Even Jordan Caron was surprised to find the puck on his stick.

    I am thankful we have Price, and I’d take him over any goaltender in the league right now.

  2. Ian
    January 13, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    Hi Steph, kudos on your show on CJAD. I’m surprised Astral lets that fly.

    On the the Habs. The Canadiens’ downfall post lockout started with the introduction of Carey Price – as gainey called him, a thoroughbred. Well he is just an average goalie. Looking at the stats, like tony marinaro quotes on TSN990, Price is on a par with the 2009 season, when Halak effectively bailed him out, and took the team to round 3 of the playoffs, where no one expected them to ever be. Price’s numbers for the 2009 ending season were good if he played baseball he was 13 and 28 over 41 games. Quite pitiful. Last year, Pricey had a good year because maybe Jacques MArtin was allowed to play a more agressive offensive game, and keeping the puck away from price is a very good thing. The minute anyone gets within 40 feet of price with the puck, he is down on his knees, exposing the whole upper part of the net. The whole league knows it, hence the soft goals he lets in. Never mind also the fact that he is constantly out of position, like last night. That first goal was his fault, totally. We have no more Halak to fall back on. Poor Peter Budaj, I feel bad for him, he’s a high paid bench warmer. Its no wonder the team plays with a losing attitude, when your goalie is hopeless. By contrast, Boston has some talented players, yes, but no one big superstar, a la Ovechkin, but their goalie(s), Thomas and Raask (sp) are good goalies, and the team can play with confidence to win. The Canadiens have traded away all their good players for nothing, Roberio, Ryder, Huet, even Kovalev and Koivu are in that mix, maybe Sheldon Souray too, for basically nothing. MArkov is finsihed, Hal Gill can barely move, and the rest are kids, some with talent, but alot still has to be learned. Playoffs? Not this year. May as well get the old golf clubs polished up.

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