Morning After: Humiliated

I am humiliated. Last night’s game was embarrassing to watch. A SIX MINUTE POWER PLAY!

But I don’t want to harp on a game that was tedious to watch. I think the only reason I kept it on the television was because I don’t know what else to watch. Suggestions? Are there sitcoms any more? If so, what’s good?

What I do want to talk about is Pierre Gauthier and how fearful we should be that he is the one in charge right now. Pierre Gauthier is the equivalent of that guy in your fantasy hockey League who plays every year, but just doesn’t get how the game is played. Every league has these guys – you know the type – they likely drafedt Marty Turco as their goalie, consistently forget to set their daily lineup, and are probably willing to trade SPACEK FOR KABERLE!

If Pierre Gauthier were at the helm of a winning Habs team, I wouldn’t be so concerned. Not that I beleive that he would have anything to do with the Habs winning (it would be just dumb blind luck for him), but it’s easier to be a GM of a winning team, because come January, you don’t have the same weight of responsibility.

Pierre Gauthier is nicknamed "the ghost" because his bad decisions haunt teams for years after he's gone.

The next couple of weeks are huge in terms of personnel management. And Gauthier is 100% not the right man for the job. He is short-sighted and equated success as the Habs climbing back up to 9th and perhaps squeezing in a playoff appearance. Squeezing into the playoffs and getting bumped in the first round is not a success. The problem with Gauthier is that I don’t think he doesn’t can see the opportunity in front of him. This is numerically the season in over  a decade, and at this point we aren’t even on the bubble as a playoff team. We can sell older assets to Stanley Cup hopefuls for buckets of draft picks and prospects.

I love Hal Gill, but we don’t need him. He is however a playoff leader, the guy who can make the difference. You don’t think a team like Chicago or San Jose would pay a nice price of drafts and prospects to take him on for the rest of the season and a playoff push?

Again, I am an Andrei Kostitsyn fan, but he is a UFA. If Gauthier can’t sign him TODAY, and I mean literally in the next couple of days, then trade him. He is a great 3rd line scoring addition for the Rangers, or even the Blues. Another windfall of draft picks and prospects.

Those are two examples of what Pierre Gauthier should do but won’t.

But you know what Gauthier is will do? He is going to load up on old vetrans with long contracts that no one else wants – and he is going to give away 2nd round picks and prospects.

A friend of mind brought up this concern about 3 weeks ago, but I said “don’t worry, he has to clear trades with Geoff Molson”. Since that time, I’ve lost confidence in Geoff Molson’s veto powers. How else can you explain him being okay with trading a player in the middle of a game? I think we can all agree that was one of the top 5 most classless moves of this organizations 100+ year history.

So now what? Nothing. Except I hope somewhere someone is talking sense into the owner of this team and opens his eyes to how to quickly turn this ship around WITHOUT Pierre Gauthier. It doesn’t take 5 years to rebuild a team. It just takes one bad season that allows you to dump bad contracts and UFA’s you weren’t going to resign anyhow.

Needless to say, I won’t be resting easy until 3pm on February 28th…

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