Top Habs Moments (so far) of 2011/2012

I woke up in an exceptional mood, so I will act as though that 0-3 loss (7th shutout loss of the season), didn’t happen.

As trade deadline approaches, and this being the last week in a Habs jersey for a couple of guys, let’s take a look back and somehow mine out a few wonderful moments of this season. While it’s been a rough one, it hasn’t been all bad all the time. There were a few times we smiled as a fan base. Let us reminisce:

1- October 9th, Habs (5) – Jets (2)

To be the visitors at Winnipeg’s first home game since 1996 is special in itself. A dominant Habs win? The thought that maybe we would be a top team in the East? Those were just pluses.

After a TERRIBLE pre-season, and being shut out by Toronto in the first regular season game, watching the Habs poop all over the Jets welcome back party was fun. When I say “fun” , I mean school-yard fun, like playing-murder-ball-and-destroying-the-new-kid-who-thought-he-was-pretty-cool fun.  Canadiens had goals by old Cammalleri and Plekanec, raising hopes that they were in fine old form. Pacioretty scored his first of the season thereby putting aside any health questions.

The one play that perhaps I know realize in hindsight was just a glimpse of things to come: Emelin’s hit on Tanner Glass.

(I choose to ignore that Cammalleri got cut by a skate and missed the next three games)

2- Alexei Emelin

He had a rough go at first. Martin scratched him more often than not and he seemed a tad lost on the bigger ice surface. Dreams of our very own Nikolas Kronwall began to fade…and then– BOOM!

Here are just a few of my favourite Emelin hits from the season:

3- January 4th, Habs (7) – Jets (3)

Hmmmm… the Jets again? Perhaps they are the highlight of the Habs season.

This game is on the list for two reasons:

  1. Lars Eller scored FOUR goals
  2. The old goal song made it’s return

The Bell Centre was OUT OF CONTROL. The wave was happening, dildo’s were flying, it was mayhem.

Let’s relive Eller’s glorious goals:


4- January 25th, Habs (7) – Wings (2)

In a season where the Habs often struggled to get a single goal, these 7-goal game outputs really are special. What I loved about this game? EVERYONE GETS A GOAL!

Mike Babcock provided some classic after-game commentary as well:

  • “I’m not going to watch any video of this, at all, I’m going to have a drink. Actually, it is what I’m going to do.” … and then made his way over to Hurley’s to deliver on his promise.
  • “I apologize to Habs fans, they thought they’d get to see the Red Wings play tonight and they didn’t get that at all”. (I paraphrased this last quote, I can’t find it written out anywhere, but that’s basically what he said).


5- Miscellaneous

There is not a fifth moment that stands out enough to be celebrated on it’s own. So #5 on my list of memorable moments so far will be a few honourable mentions:

  •  Louis LeBlanc scoring his first NHL goal in front of the home crows
  • Bringing the Kiss Cam back
  • Carey Price at the All-Star game
  • Josh Georges better than ever
  • Erik Cole being everything and more than we expected
  • Max Pacioretty leading the Habs in scoring

Have I missed any? Probably. Feel free to add on… why dwell on yet another loss?

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