Predictions: I suck

Eight games left in the season… I feel that now is a good time to look back at my season’s predictions and laugh about how little I actually know. This is a humbling exercise  because I think I got maybe 1 or 2 right.

I predicted that:

1- The Alexei Yemelin project takes a nasty turn when he pulls a midnight-run back to Russia.

Ooops.. way off. First of all, who is Yemelin? That’s how far off I was, I didn’t even have the current spelling of his name yet. Emelin became one of the highlights of my Habs season, and he’s probably one of the reasons I actually still enjoy watching Habs games. Alexei, if you are reading this, my apologies. You came to this team, knowing very little English, and I used that barrier to dismiss your commitment. Not only did you adjust your game, you powered through that barrier and have become one of my favourite Habs players.

2- The amount of Shanaisms will out number the suspensions he dolls out by the end of the season

My premise was that people would come up with many clever nicknames combining Shanahan and synonyms for the word suspension. Shanaban, shanahammer, shanabanned, shanavision… that is only four clever combinations versus 41 (and possibly counting) suspensions. I gave too much credit to the fan base and their general ability to be witty. I don’t shoulder the blame for this error, I point a finger at you, the readers, for failing me!

3- Carey Price plays 65 games, Budaj loses 12 games.

Price has thus far played 62 games (and there are 8 to go), leading me to believe he will hit the 65 game mark. Budaj has started 12 games, and has lost 9 (including 3 OT losses). I don’t think Budaj will get more than 2 starts in this final stretch, meaning he might lost 11 games total. SO CLOSE on this one. Given that I probably got everything else wrong on this list, I would like to give myself a half point on this prediction.

4- Markov returns to the ice in late November……and doesn’t get hurt. Ever Again.

Ya, I’m just going to go ahead and  move on to the next prediction.

5- Gomez outpoints Plekanec

Suivent, next…

6- Kostitsyn goes through a 15 game point streak, we fall in love with him, and then he doesn’t get on the scoresheet for 20 games. We beg for a trade. At the end of the season he is re-signed for the same money/term

Another half point for this one? He was streaky for stretches, we did fall in love with him,  he did go through a 10-game pointless streak, and the masses did beg for a trade. Except he did get traded, and so will not be resigned. Though, I believe that had the Habs been in a playoff position come trade deadline, AK46 would still be with the team today, and would have been resigned this summer.

7- Erik Cole never scores a goal against Carolina

I just might be  right on this one! There’s one game vs. Carolina left, so I can’t say for sure, but in the 3-games  played this season, Erik Cole has not scored a goal against the Hurricane! Half-point? (with the possibility of a full point pending the result on April 4).

8- Sean Avery gets called up from Rangers AHL affiliates for 24/7

BAM! One full point bitches… Though I was disappointed in Avery’s appearances on the show. While his smirk to Asimov was priceless, his strange photo shoot was awkward to watch.

9 – 6 players on the Habs hit 20 goals

…Or we can get shutout more than any other team in the league. Whatever. Currently, only Pacioretty (30) and Cole (28) have surpassed 20 goals. Even sadder? Only Desharnais (16), Eller (15) and Plekanec (14) have over 10 goals. A sad sad season.

10- Sharks vs Habs, Stanley Cup Final

This is what I wrote under my original prediction: “Those are my two teams – I had to predict them in the final. Oh-oh, I hope I didn’t just jinx it.”  Given that the Habs are 15th in the East and the Sharks are 10th in the West, I can safely say that yes, I jinxed them.

The tally: 2.5  points out of a possible 10. That includes my generous half points for three of the statements. In reality, I got only one prediction right, and if Erik Cole doesn’t score a goal on April 4, I will have two officially right.

If you want to read the original prediction post, click here.

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