…And on the 6th Game, the Lord Gave them a Caught Edge


Sometimes something from above interferes and delivers a miracle.

With the Habs up 4-1, losing the lead (again) and heading to shootout, I honestly believed that if Devin Setoguchi had not somehow tripped, he would have scored and the 4th round would not have gone in the Habs favour. It was a hockey miracle.

Three powerplay goals? I’m struggling to remember the last single powerplay goal. On a selfish note, I picked up Desharnais in my pool a couple of week’s ago and I already had Pacioretty. Feeling pretty good about that this morning.

My excitement for last night’s win should not be mistaken for delusion. This is still the same team that sits 15th in the Eastern Conference because they’ve lost 5 in a row three times this season. However, it is nice to see flashes of confidence and toughness because when this season is over, another will begin, and I am hopeful for the future.

I often wondered what it was like to follow a team that is a cellar-dweller. I am used to looking at the standings and wondering how fans felt about wins when they came so sporadically. Well, we all have first had experience now, and I can tell you that for me, wins feel really nice. They are like little vacations. For the next two days the world isn’t all doom and gloom.

Some other thoughts, in my favourite format of point-form:

  • Is there any audio of Cole or Emelin discussing the hit? That was probably one of Emelin’s best hits, and I would love to know how Cole thought about being the recipient!
  • Gomez’s pass to Eller for the second goal reminded me once again that Gomez CAN be a game-changing play maker. If he had 50 assists and 2 goals that would be okay by me.
  • Pleks is one of my favourite players, but he was -2 again last night, a -20 on the season. Nevermind his point woes, what’s the deal with his defensive play?
  • I’m all for Carey Price scoring a goal one day, but last night’s attempt that resulted in turnover and eventually a goal, was not the time to try. When you give up your 3-goal in the last 6 minutes of a game, just play smart and get out of there.
  • I think we can officially declare that Subban is out of his sophomore slump. I look forward to him building back his confidence for the rest of this season and coming back next year to put on an all-star performance.

And now…from miracles to nightmares.

I had a dream last night about the draft. The Habs had the first overall pick, Gauthier was still GM, and he went off the board. He wasted the only silver lining of the 2011/2012 season.

Speaking of drafts, I have a real post coming soon. It’s about the NHL draft system

I mentioned earlier this season on a Montreal Bias podcast that the Habs would never suck enough to be in for a lottery pick, and that the whole lottery system was flawed. It isn’t right to reward failure. While I was shockingly wrong about the Habs never being in a position for a lottery draft pick, I am not so far off in claiming that the system used to determine the order for the draft is wrong – just for different reasons than I originally thought.

More to come soon…


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