Lists: Things I like about hockey

I spoke at my high school career day yesterday – which was an odd and humbling experience. High school teachers have a rough gig. 20 blank faces just staring at you. I had 45 minutes to fill, and it was tough going, I don’t have that much to say about my career, and I was counting on endless questions about the fascinating world of Marketing and Communications.

Blank faces. I guess the world of Marketing and Communications isn't as riveting as I had hoped.

Anyhow, in my desperate attempt to fill the void I went on a hockey rant. Don’t ask me how I got there, but I was asked at one point “why do you like hockey THIS much?”. Good question young-teen, good question.

  • The gear
    I love gear, always have. Hockey has a plethora of it and I love every little piece. I won a pair of gauntlets at the Montreal Stars silent auction this past Saturday, and I basically slept with them on. The soft leather on the palms, the hard shell along the thumb… I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about them.
  • The Scoring Pace
    Goals happen at just the right pace, and have just the right value. A goal in the late minutes of a soccer game, and the match is all but over. Basketball is to scoring like the peso is to the dollar –  you need a billion of them before any value is found. Football makes me use arithmetic (and no one likes arithmetic), and as much as I love tennis, their system is a tad elitist. You have “to know” how it works or else you can’t follow a match.
  • In-Game Temperature
    An arena by nature is cold, but the sheer mass of people make it warm,  so you can bring a sweater to a game and be perfectly comfortable. I either overheat or freeze when I go to an Als game (or a baseball game anywhere) and attending the Rogers Cup always equates to sun stroke.
  • The Speed
    Offence, defence, back to offence, back to defence. Back and forth, back and forth. Forever.  ))><((
  • The athletics of the game
    Is there any athlete in better condition than a hockey player? Strength, speed, agility. It’s magnificent.
  • Sounds of the game
    The reception of a hard pass, the puck off a goaltender, a big hit in a corner – hockey has some of the best sounds in sport. Watch a game live, close your eyes, and you won’t miss a beat of action.
  • Fellow fans
    Is there a better night out than after the Habs win a playoff game?


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    Just made my day.

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