5 Hockey Thoughts


Or at least enough is happening to warrant a blog post that summarizes my thoughts on many things. A few are “old news” but bare with me, I have feelings to share.

  1. NHL Realignment:
    Without having to explain to those not aware of the proposed realignment plan, let me tell you that I really like it. Firstly, having Detroit move over into our division rocks. That’s Toronto, Boston, Montreal, and Detroit – four of the original six – in the Habs division. Second: I am into the idea of wildcard spots for playoffs, it makes for some late season “need to win in regulation” drama. Though what I am most excited about is the potential of witnessing some Stanley Cup Final match-ups we haven’t seen in decades.
  2. Are the Habs legitimate contenders?
    I’ve actually been wanting to write a lengthy post answering this question (and may well do so in the near future), but until then, some food for thought. The Habs have points in their LAST NINE GAMES. They have not lost in regulation since that disaster at home against Toronto. They are only allowing about 25 shots against per game. They HAVE THREE LINES that can score and a goalie who is having his best season yet. So at the risk of jinxing everything and having the Universe collapse on top of me, yes, the Habs are legitimate contenders and spring 2013 is going to be so much fun!
  3. Ryder for Cole
    I gave a summary of my thoughts over at the Montreal Bias, so in sum: a great move. I don’t think anyone disagrees.
  4. Cut Proof Skates
    This is related to the Karlsson accident of a few weeks ago, so I apologize for the delay. Can anyone answer me why a player would not want to wear this type of sock? Is it the cost? I mean, that’s why I don’t wear them… $40 for a pair of socks is steep, but I also don’t make millions of dollars a year and the money I do make is not dependant on me being able to skate.
    (though I wish it were – is it strange that at 33 years old I still secretly want to be the first female NHL player? I’m not even that good at hockey…)
  5.  Mike Milbury on Alex Ovechkin
    I don’t actually get why it’s Mike Milbury getting all the hate for this. I’m not defending the man for his past explosions, but I think he’s kinda sorta right about Ovechkin on this. The line change business? Even I know not to do that, and as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know much.  Was it when Milbury exclaimed “get up and act like a man for god’s sake!” ? Again, I somewhat agree, it was quite a performance for a high stick. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I don’t buy the argument that opposing players have simply “figured Ovechkin out”. He isn’t a riddle, he’s an athlete and he can adapt. You don’t score between 45 and 65 goals for five straight seasons by being one-dimensional. He had 40 points in 31 games in Russia during this year’s lockout. I think the only way we see Ovechkin of old, that guy who celebrated all 65 of his 2007/2008 season like it was his last, is in a new uniform. Only problem is, who is going to trade for a 9.5-million cap hit?

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