Dreaming of John…

I’m going to say something crazy right now. I am aware it’s a bit off the wall and I am aware that it probably won’t happen, but I do think it’s worth exploring.

With trade deadline just a week away, we look at a list of UFA’s and wonder where these rent-a-players will be headed for about a dozen games or so. But when I look at the list of UFA’s and I look at the Habs number one need, I don’t find a match.

The Habs need a goal scorer. Not veteran leadership, not a set-up man, a goal scorer. A guy who just scores goals, and lots of them.

When I look at the list of potential UFA’s, I am underwhelmed by the possibilities. Mike Ribeiro? No thanks. As fun as the other reunions have been, I think this is one blast from the past that won’t be gracing our city with his presence. Jarome Iginla? Firstly, he only has 9-goals on the season, and falls into that “veteran leader” category I don’t think the Habs need to trade for. Lastly we have Jaromir Jagr. Of all three, this is the one that entices me the most. However his name doesn’t inspire me to shout from the mountain tops.  Remember, we would have to give up assets like Nathan Beaulieu, one or two of our 2nd round picks, and maybe even a roster player. For what? Twelve games with Jagr in a Habs jersey.

I don’t like. Not one bit.

I’ll tell you who I do like. John Tavares.


Yup. I said it. John Tavares.

  1. John Tavares, has an extremely friendly cap hit: $5.5-million for the second best goal scorer in the league right now.
  2. He’s signed at this friendly cap hit through until 2017-2018, so I would very happily give my fan blessing to any prospects, draft picks and roster players that had to be sent the Islanders way.

What would the Islanders gain from making this trade with the Habs?

  1. I would offer them our RW prospect Sebastian Collberg. The Islanders have virtually no depth at wing –  there’s a couple of defenseman coming up, not many wingers.
  2. Our 2nd round pick from Calgary, which would end up being a high 2nd round pick in what is apparently a deep draft. And maybe even the pick from the Predators?
  3. A defensive prospect in Tinordi or Beaulieu, since the Islander likely won’t resign one or both of Streit and Visnovsky, and especially in Tinordi’s case, he’s good to go in the NHL right now.
  4. A 6-million dollar salary off the books, which for a team constantly trying to be as cheap as possible, is a legit bonus.
  5. I feel like they would also want a roster player, but I can’t pinpoint who – a centre with less salary than Tavares? Maybe Eller?

The likely-hood of this happening is almost zero. But a girl can dream, and let’s all admit it, Bergevin would have an entire municipality named after him if he pulled it off.

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