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Blast from my Habs Past

Jacques Demers

A stroll down memory lane and my visit to the Montreal Forum in 1993. Some highlights include my sister’s jean on jean outfit, Jacques Demers, and Mathieu Schneider without capped teeth!

Morning After: An Overshadowed Win

I read an interesting article in Sports Illustrated a couple months ago. It was a second by second breakdown of Crosby’s OT gold medal goal. I want to try and do the same thing with the Pacioretty hit. I’m a Habs fan, and it is very hard for me to not be unbiased when I see a young and promising talent out cold on the ice after he went neck first into a steel pole. Nevertheless, I will try and be unbiased and try and dissect what was probably the worst hockey incident I’ve even witnessed.

10 Years of Drafts – Part 3

Part 3 – the final entry, of my look back at 10 years worth of drafts, this time I look at the 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 drafts. Who was drafted? Who never made it? And who should the Habs have picked?

My Day as a Hab: A Photo Essay

Last Spring I took part in the Bob Gainey Foundation Playoff Pool and thanks to a good start by the Sharks and Pronger, my team won the whole thing. The prize? Ice time at the Bell Centre! Yesterday morning, myself and 15 friends took to the ice and played a little hockey. It was probably the greatest Sunday morning I’ve ever had. I scored a goal, the siren went off, and honestly, I felt like I just won the Stanley Cup :)

Instead of focusing on the Ranger’s game of Saturday night (which was quite a game), this post will be dedicated to my 8am Sunday ice time. Photos courtesy of my good friend and wonderful photographer Dallas Currow. Her fiancée was one of my teamates and Dallas served as both professional ice photographer and cheerleader. When you are done reading this, you should head over to her blog or website to check out more of her great photography.