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Morning After: The Wounded (aka the game in Buffalo)

I do hate to brag, but I believe in my post yesterday I predicted a 1-1 game that would be sent into overtime. I’m like some kind of gifted hockey-savant, I should start betting money on games, I could become a millionaire (except for the fact that I actually predicted the Habs would win, and my savant abilities don’t seem to foresee the plethora of injuries the befell our team last night).

As with all fans, the highlight for me last night was the PK Subban and Price love taps in the middle of a play. I’m a sucker for a good bromance, and I think the CPPK love affair is developing in to one of the best bromance story-lines of the season.

Morning After – Oilers

There were two massive breakdowns at about the 10 minute mark of the third period last night, 1-it started snowing, so I lost my signal for the game. and 2-The Montreal Canadiens….
As my friend relayed to me on Twitter, the timeline of both failures was very interesting. Maybe it was a higher power trying to shield my rose coloured Habs glasses from the worst breakdown of the season, but whatever it was, I am secretly thankful I not only missed the Habs blowing a two-goal lead in the third, I also missed one of my favorite players deciding he didn’t want to play hockey anymore, and letting Dustin Penner skate away for the OT Goal. I am of course talking about Mike Cammalleri.

A Shocking Holiday Hockey Weekend


Lots of hockey this weekend, including a GREAT win by the Habs over the Penguins. Poor Fleury and friends, I’m sure the only thing they wanted for Thanksgiving was a win over the Habs, and with two minutes to go, it looked like it was in the bag.

Well…Cammalleri gets two, Fleury let’s in a softie,we get stellar goaltending and Crosby is held off the score sheet. What month is this again? May?

As great as that win was, I don’t want to talk about the Montreal Canadiens today, I want to talk about two crazy incidents that happened yesterday: The Devils dressing 15 skaters and the ‘ol b.j. gesture by Islanders defenseman James Wisniewski

Morning After…


The Habs lost last night, but I liked what I saw. Eller, a great last minute rush, Boyd, Halpern and yes..Price. Sure he had a rough start, but he pulled it together enough to make a huge save against Kessle in the third. Sadly, this morning I inevitably woke up to ridiculous headlines and =accompanying photos were of course of Price. Can the media simmer down for one moment?

Recent Hockey F***ups

I’m tired of reading about Carey Price, talking about Carey Price, and analyzing glorified scrimmages. So instead of summing up yet another game where only eight or so legitimate NHLers dressed, I thought I would take a look back into recent history and list my favorite hockey fuck-ups. I have no specific time period or order. These are just five great terrible moments that sprung to mind as I began writing.

2010-2011 Head Shot Rule

The NHL released a video to all 30 clubs today outlining the new head shot rule, as well as clarifying rules for other forms of contact. I love that they did this, and I love that the NHL made the video public so the entire fan base can inform themselves on these rules.