Lists: Things I like about hockey

I spoke at my high school career day today – which was an odd and humbling experience. High school teachers have a rough gig. 20 blank faces just staring at you. I had 45 minutes to fill, and it was tough going, I don’t have that much to say about my career, and I was counting on endless questions about the fascinating world of Marketing and Communications. Blank faces. I guess the world of Marketing and Communications isn’t as riveting as I had hoped. Anyhow, in my desperate attempt to fill the void I went on a hockey rant. Don’t ask me how I got there, but I was asked at one point “why do you like hockey THIS much?”. Good question young-teen, good question.

Ode to a Lost Spring

My bixi stand is up and running. Next week I’m removing my winter tires. But something isn’t sitting right. The fact that there will be no Habs playoffs this year has finally sunk in. I thought it would be best to express my sad feelings in the form of a poem. It might help the mood of this post if you picture me reading this poem, dressed in a black turtle neck and alone on a stage with a single spotlight focused on me and my tears.

Predictions: I suck

Eight games left in the season… I feel that now is a good time to look back at my season’s predictions and laugh about how little I actually know. This is a humbling exercise because I think I got maybe 1 or 2 right.