Top Habs Moments (so far) of 2011/2012

I woke up in an exceptional mood, so I will act as though that 0-3 loss (7th shutout loss of the season), didn’t happen.

As trade deadline approaches, and this being the last week in a Habs jersey for a couple of guys, let’s take a look back and somehow mine out a few wonderful moments of this season. While it’s been a rough one, it hasn’t been all bad all the time. There were a few times we smiled as a fan base. Let us reminisce:

Morning After: What’s Class at a Hockey Game?

Today’s topic: Class at a hockey game. When Zdeno Chara took a puck to the face in the last seconds of the first period, there was some cheering from the stands. Twitter exploded. The words “class” and “classless” were thrown around, and once again, I felt like the journalists from up above were scolding a fan base.

Morning After: I liked the Shootout? (and Brian Burke)

Confession: I REALLY enjoyed that shootout last night! I am semi-ashamed to admit it, only because I am like a grumpy old man when it comes to this nouveau aspect of the game. But eight rounds in and my nail-biting habit was in FULL force. I liked that Louie LeBlanc got a chance in to shoot in front of the home crowd (even if he didn’t get a shot off), I like that Carey *finally got a shootout win, but I don’t like that the Habs lost two leads last night. When you go into OT because you scored an equalizer, any extra point is gravy. But when when you go into extra time because you are the team that couldn’t close the deal, it’s disappointing that you gave your opponents a point.

Morning After: Humiliated

I am humiliated. Last night’s game was embarrassing to watch. A SIX MINUTE POWER PLAY! But I don’t want to harp on a game that was tedious to watch. I think the only reason I kept it on the television was because I don’t know what else to watch. Suggestions? Are there sitcoms any more? If so, what’s good? What I do want to talk about is Pierre Gauthier and how fearful we should be that he is the one in charge right now.